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GRIM POEMS - Poetry book

GRIM POEMS - Poetry book

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Grim poems is the written story for Dark Sarah´s fourth album called Grim. 

- hard cover, color illustrated book

- signed by Heidi Parviainen

Grim Poems is a horror fantasy story that tells about a magical city of Grim and its rabbit-headed people. The citizens of Grim are suffering under the tyranny of a monster called Mörk and his power orb Malevolent. The monster has stolen the magical powers - or the orbs - from the citizens, and they are hiding in the darkness, waiting for the deity called Luna to save them. Grim Poems comes with Grim, the fourth album by Dark Sarah, a cinematic metal band from Finland. Dark Sarah produces conceptual albums that tell a consistent story. Grim opens a new continuing story line that follows the steps of The Chronicles, the first trilogy.

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