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”Everything that happened on the Island was part of something big; a mystery between two worlds. It was a puzzle and it needed to be solved.“


”Everything that happened on the Island was part of something big; a mystery between two worlds. It was a puzzle and it needed to be solved.“

The Evil Tree had shattered into pieces, and along with it, so did Dark Sarah´s soul. She did not die, but was left in a loop between two worlds; hovering between life and death. She was sent down to the River of Death to drift along the streams and ended up on an island in the middle of a mighty ocean.

Island In The Mist

She woke up on the shores of that misty island. It was a magical island covered with black rocks that sparkled as if covered by millions of diamonds in the endless night. Sharp cliffs and huge statues painted the dark sky. The ocean was wild on its shores.

Little Men

Dark Sarah felt her lungs filling up with air; she was alive after all! She felt the strength coming back to her limbs, got up and started to explore the island. She found a cave and entered it. There, in the back of the muddy cave, she saw a twinkling light and slowly walked towards it.

She peeped through a small hole and saw funny looking little men dancing wildly around the fire and carving a statue; a statue with her name on it. She watched them, mesmerized, and took a leap into her imagination. Dark Sarah completely forgot herself and felt more than alive dancing with the little men in her daydream. She started to search for a way out and noticed a little bird flying out of the cave. She followed it and found a little gate that was the way out of the labyrinth caves.

Ash Grove

The whole island seemed to be covered with statues and small fires surrounding them. Dark Sarah wondered why, and why was her name on one of them? Suddenly she saw something moving in the shadows. It was a little old man in an old cloak, carrying a crooked wooden stick. He came to Dark Sarah and told her about The Misty Island, the land of the dead, and why was she sent down there. He told that the statues are carved for all the lost souls that come to the Misty Island but Dark Sarah had been given one more chance and she could redeem her life by solving the puzzle that was presented to her. She would need to find three keys by correctly answering three questions.

Finding the keys would be the only way to get out of the loop she was currently in. Then the old man lifted his wooden stick towards the dark sky and posed the first question: “Who holds the key of Love in her hands?”

After the question, the old man just vanished. Dark Sarah was left alone and anger started to rise in her. She pushed her statue into the fire, “I am not dead yet!" She shouted out and her voice echoed in the hollow cliffs. A huge ash cloud rose to the sky and it started to rain down. It rained ashes for several days and it looked like snow as it covered the large grove in the middle of the island.

For The Birds

Dark Sarah stood on a high cliff and stared down at the ocean. All she could see was the vast wavy ocean; there was no land to be seen anywhere. There was only her island in the middle of complete nothingness. She sat down on a rock and tried to remember what had happened and what the old man had told her. Then she heard a bird singing, "Is there birds on this dead island?" she wondered out loud. Dark Sarah took out her flute and started to imitate the bird that came closer, curious to see its rival. Dark Sarah felt comforted now that she finally had some company on the lonely island. Dark Sarah looked at the bird more closely and realized the bird had a key in its beak. She jumped up and tried to catch the bird but it flew away. "I need to find that bird again", she thought, ran after the bird and followed it into a field that was covered with lovely fluffy white flowers.

Where had the bird gone? She did not see it anywhere! She ran out of breath and lay down in the field. The flowers around her were swaying and she almost fell asleep. Then she heard gentle voices singing, it sounded like a choir. She opened her eyes and saw the flowers singing: “Sarah is the key - it is Sarah´s misery!" She listened to them for a while and then it hit her: "I got it", she shouted. "The answer to the first question is Fate! Fate holds the key of love in her hands! Sarah´s fate was her misery in love! " Then the tiny bird flew towards her and landed on her finger, holding a bronze key in its beak. Dark Sarah had solved the first puzzle.

Deep And Deeper

Now she was more determined to find the other keys as well; it really was possible to get away from the island! She went back into the caves, and walked deeper and deeper into the labyrinth. Finally she entered a large cave which looked like a hall. It was sparkling from the colorful crystals and jewels on its walls, that were reflected in the clear water surface of a lake on the bottom of the cave. Dark Sarah just watched this beautiful sight, but then realized that in the middle of the lake, there was a huge dragon sleeping on the rocks. It was covered with shiny sapphire blue scales and had a silvery chain hanging down its neck. A chain with a key! This is becoming way too easy, Dark Sarah thought, and decided to go and get it, but silently, without waking up the Dragon. She swam towards the Dragon and slowly, without making a single sound, took the key from the chain and returned to the water. As soon as her feet touched the water, she felt something grabbing her legs and it forcefully started to pull her under water.

Black creatures with sapphire blue eyes and sharp teeth dragged her deeper and deeper under water. She tried to escape, but their grip was too tight.

They approached something that looked like an underwater city, a drowned city. The city was surrounded by seaweeds that waved along with the sea currents. The black creatures took her through the city and into a castle where the blue dragon was already waiting for them. “Well, well, well", said the Dragon. "What do we have here? A thief, with thoughts of no good? Come on girl, let´s see what you are made of, can you beat me?" The Dragon jumped up and landed in front of Dark Sarah, grinned at her and waved to the musicians as a sign to start playing music. Dark Sarah looked surprised, and before she even understood what was happening, she was dragged around the hall like a rag doll in a wild dance.

Dance With The Dragon

The Dragon laughed: “This is how we treat guests who are trying to cheat!" Then it posed her a question: “Tell me, what power is greater than death?” Dark Sarah knew it was the second key question, but she had no idea what the answer was. She begged the Dragon to hand her the key but the Dragon laughed again, now in a mocking way. In the echoes of its laughter, the black creatures took her back up to the sparkling cave. She was all wet and freezing and she started to walk back up feeling very down.

Dark Sarah walked through the Field of Ashes thinking about the dead souls she had heard whispering and moaning every night. She didn´t want to join them for eternity on that miserable island. Then she thought of the past and the events that had led to the situation she was now in. She remembered the Silver Tree and the blood streams in the woods, and how Sarah had fled into the woods and fallen in love with the Moon. How was it even possible, that now she had been separated from her good self Sarah? Why weren´t they both there on the island, in their last resting place? Dark Sarah wondered. Then she realized she had walked up to the highest point of the island. She felt the strong winds blowing in from the wide ocean.


She watched the enormous waves and started feeling sad."What is happening to me?" she wondered. "Am I getting weak?"For the first time in her life, she was feeling Sarah´s feelings. Then she understood why she was on the island instead of Sarah. She had given her soul to the Evil Tree; the soul that belonged to both of them but Sarah had the power of love in her. " Love is stronger than death! Dark Sarah shouted". She knew she had solved the second part of the puzzle. Then a sapphire blue snake crawled up next to her feet. It had a silvery key in its mouth. "The Dragon gave the key after all", Dark Sarah smiled victoriously. She took the key and put it on the chain next to the first one. Only one key was still missing.

For days she searched for the last key. She went through the Valley of Death and searched the deepest dungeons of the mountain but there was no sign of it. One day she once again stood on the highest point of the island and listened to the wind that was howling like a pack of wolves in the hollow cliffs on the shore.

The mist started to swirl around the statues. Dark Sarah stared at it without moving, she had a bad feeling about what was happening there. The mist started to take shapes of people! The mist swirled and swirled until there was so many of them that is looked like an army of ghosts. They started to march up the hill towards her. “No, no! I´m not ready!” She shouted, but the ghost army kept approaching her. She had no place to fly to from the edge of the cliff. She had no choice but to jump into the ocean that was raging below. Then she took a leap over the cliff and plunged into the ocean. The raging whirlpool took her in and she let it take her and for a moment she thought her time had come. But then suddenly the whirlpool let go of its grip and she felt herself sinking into the dark water. It was beautiful, like a dark cradle. She was ready for her watery tomb and closed her eyes, "I give up" she thought.


On the same moment Dark Sarah felt strong hands around her waist that were pulling her into the depths. It was a beautiful mermaid who smiled at her and she thought she had come to save her. But the mermaid said that Dark Sarah was an intruder and that she needed to show Dark Sarah to the Eye of the Sea and be tested before letting her go. Dark Sarah saw a wildly moving mighty Eye glaring at her in the depths and she started to fight back the mermaid, she didn´t want to be tested again! The mermaid got furious and started to transform, her beauty disappeared and she took a shape of a beast with sharp teeth and wild eyes and she screamed furiously. It took a really strong grip of Dark Sarah with her sharp nails and created an air bubble around her. The creature pushed the bubble forward underneath the water surface and then just swam away without saying a word.

There, lying in the bubble feeling beaten and trapped, Dark Sarah saw the moon shining through the water. Suddenly, words started forming on the glass-like walls of the bubble, they was glowing in the moonlight. Dark Sarah knew it was the last puzzle, the last key question! The words formed a sentence “Who walks with fate on a rope?” Dark Sarah thought and thought, she utterly pushed herself towards finding the answer. And then, when the moon hid behind the clouds for a moment and it became all dark, so dark that Dark Sarah needed to touch her own face to know she was still there, she got it. “Sarah”! She jumped up and the bubble broke. She started to swim up towards the moonlight. There, in the middle of the night’s ocean, floating on the sea’s currents, she shouted out to the sky, as if trying to find Sarah: “Sarah, in the end, everyone´s fate is death! That is the final fate! Sarah, you must meet your death!"


Then a ferryman wearing a white cloak, on a white boat, approached her out of the darkness, and it started to rain. She got on the boat and was intrigued by how the beautiful golden raindrops looked like radiant lights in the darkest of the nights. As she was watching the sky, she saw a bright light and heard Fate talking to her. Fate gave her a golden key and told her that she had solved the last puzzle. From here on Dark Sarah should follow the light she had found inside her in order to find her way back home.

The ferry moved towards the horizon and then vanished.


Story by:
Heidi Parviainen

Proof reading:
Mariska Coljé, N-Translations

Jan Yrlund, Darkgrove

Sami-Petri Salonen

© Dark Sarah - Riena Productions 2016.
All rights reserved